Add assignments to Slack or MS Teams with ClassCred

ClassCred enables you to embed assignments in Slack or MS Teams. Assignments can be instructor or peer-graded. In this article we will discuss:

How Assignments work

  1. You create an assignment and schedule it to post to the channel of your choice.

  2. Once the assignment is posted, students can submit their answers.

  3. Answers can be instructor or peer-graded.

  4. Instructor graded - Build a rubric (or select one we provide) and use it to grade each submission.

  5. Peer-graded - Using your grading rubric, students are assigned other students' answers to grade. Students do not have to grade every other student. You can choose how many answers each student is assigned to grade. All grading is anonymous.

  6. Once all posts are graded, the instructor must approve the results before they are released to the students.

Creating an Assignment

In the ClassCred app, navigate to the Create button and select Assignment. Select Import, if you are trying to access an assignment you already created.

1. Choose a Topic

2. Scoring

Choose between Peer or Instructor Scoring

Select Peer-review if you would like the assignment to be peer-graded. Otherwise, grading will be up to the instructor. If Peer-review is checked, you can choose how many assignments each student will be assigned to grade.

Choose a grading rubric

A default rubric is provided. You can customize the rubric before publishing it to the class. To customize the rubric, click Open rubric. Once you create a rubric it will be available in the Import rubric box so that you can use it in other assignments.

3. Timeline

Set the dates your assignment will be available.

  • The submission period is when students are allowed to submit an answer. On the start date, ClassCred will post the assignment in the channel and on the timeline. The post will include a button that allows students to submit their posts. Any post submitted after the submission period end date will be considered late.

  • If Peer review is enabled, you will be able to set the review period. Once the review period starts, assignments will be available for students to grade. Students can access their review assignments from the discussion post in the channel or from the timeline.

  • Once all fields are complete hit Save.

Handling Late Submissions

If you would like to allow for late submissions, you should leave a gap between the assignment end date and the review start date. For example, in the image above, there is a 32-hour gap between the discussion end date (1/17 11:59 PM) and the peer review start date (1/19 8:00 AM). During this time, students will be allowed to submit late. Students that submit late will still have their posts peer-reviewed and be assigned other students' posts to review. On the Results table, an orange checkbox will indicate that a student's post was submitted late.

Penalizing late submissions

You can penalize late submissions by adding a formula criterion to your rubric. For example, adding this formula criterion will penalize students 20 points for submitting late.

Submissions after the review start date

Students cannot submit an answer after the peer review start date. Students that fail to submit before this date will not participate in the peer-review process. If an accommodation is needed, it is up to the instructor to handle this process manually.