How to complete a peer-graded Assignment in ClassCred

Before you start your assignment let's discuss how they work. An assignment is typically a question or series of questions where you will have to provide a written response. Your response will then be evaluated by a group of your peers and you will also have to evaluate some of your peers' work. There are three stages in a peer-graded assignment.

  1. Assignment stage - This is when you submit your written response.

  2. Reviewing stage - After the assignment ends, you will be assigned some of your peers' responses to review. You will only be assigned reviews if you submitted a response in stage 1. All reviews are anonymous.

  3. Feedback - After the Reviewing stage, you will be able to access feedback from the students that reviewed your post.

Stage 1: Submitting a response

There are two ways you can access an assignment. Assignments are posted to a Slack or MS Teams channel and they are available on the homepage of the ClassCred App. Your instructor should provide the channel to look in but if you can't find it go to the ClassCred App and you will see it on the homepage.

Click the Open and a form will open to submit your response. Be sure to view the Rubric to see what is expected and how your response will be evaluated. You can continue to edit your response up until the Response due date. In some instances, you can submit a response late but you may lose points for late submissions.

Stage 2: Reviewing your peers

Once the submitting stage ends, go back to the assignment and you will be able to complete your reviews. You will only be assigned reviews if you submit a response in Stage 1.

Stage 3: Getting Feedback

Once the reviewing stage ends, go back to the assignment to access the results. The instructor has to approve the results before they are made available, so please be patient.