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For small teams that only need limited usage of Pro features



Per user per month

Peer recognition

Levels & badges



Team Analytics

Multiple roles

5 store items

5 polls

5 debates

5 assignments

Up to 100 users

Data export


For teams looking to boost engagement and build stronger connections and camaraderieCharge each student or an account.

Students Pay


Per team


Account pays


Per active user per month

Peer recognition

Levels & badges



Team Analytics

Multiple roles

Unlimited store items

Unlimited polls

Unlimited debates

Unlimited assignments

Unlimited users

Data export

Institutional pricing available. Contact us for information on custom integration, security, and billing needs. We also offer volume discounts.

Key Features

  • Peer Recognition 

    • Incentivize students to communicate and help each other with Fire Rewards

  • Polls

    • ​Create polls to solicit instant feedback

  • Debates

    • Kick off a debate and let your students compete for the best post

  • Assignments

    • Start an assignment and have it peer-graded by the students

  • Team Store

    • Create a team store where users can spend their points

  • Rewards & Badges

    • Earn points for participating and badges for standout performances

    • As students earn points they level up. 

  • Easy Team Management

    • Different permissions for admin and members allow instructors to control the class. 

    • Schedule announcements and give points for acknowledging

    • Reuse announcements, polls, debates, and assignments from one semester to the next

    • Track student questions

    • Analytics on participation, engagement, and more.

    • Data Export

Frequently asked questions

For account payment, what is an active user?

You are only billed for people in the Team (workspace) that use ClassCred. A user is classified as active if they received any ClassCred reward during the billing period. You can see a list of Rewards in the ClassCred app. Select the Manage icon and select Rewards.

How to stop billing for a specific team (or workspace)?

You can stop billing for a specific team by changing the team end date to the date you want billing to stop. In the ClassCred app, go to Settings to change the end date.

When will I be billed?

An account can cover multiple teams (worspaces). The billing period starts on the date that the first team account was created. You will be billed on this day each month.

For the student pay option, how long do students have to activate their account?

Once students join a team (workspace), they start a 2 week free trial. During the trial period, they will have full access to all of the features in ClassCred. To maintain service, they will have 2 weeks to pay $3 to activate their account.

How do you charge if a student uses ClassCred for mutiple teams (workspaces)?

If all teams are on the same account, you are only charged one time for the student. If you are using the student pay plan, the student is charded $3 for each team (workspace).

What happens if a payment is overdue?

If payment is overdue, your account will revert to the free plan until payment is made.

How do I cancel my account?

If you have an account, you can cancel anytime. In the ClassCred app, click your Profile and select Account.

Can an account pay for multiple teams (workspaces)?

Yes, an account can be assigned to one or many teams. The account holder can be an individual, department, school, university or company.