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Education Gamified
Incentives beyond grades

ClassCred increases engagement in Slack     and MS Teams     .

Gamify your course with rewards, badges, polls, debates, and more. 

The results are happier students and streamlined educator workflow.


GamifY with rewards

How it works 

  • Students earn points and badges for actions in MS Teams or Slack

  • Choose rewards from our catalog or create your own using our low-code rewards builder

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  • Students use points to buy items in class store

  • Brand the app to your school 


  • Integrate with Canvas LMS

  • Custom notifications to keep students on track 


Poll your class

How it works

  • Create your own polls

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+2 reward

Thanks for voting!


  • Get real time feedback from your class

  • Encourage conversation with live results


  • Earn points by participating in a poll

  • Award points if 70% of class participates

Debates create Friendly competition

How it works

  • Create a debate topic

  • Students 👍 the best responses

  • Winners get points and badges


Congrats Rowan!


  • Motivate your students with friendly competitions

  • Competitions build community and camaraderie among students


  • Top posts earn points and badges

  • Earn points for posting and voting in the debate

  • Award points if 70% of class votes or participates


seamlessly track course Questions

How it works

  • Students and professors tag questions

  • Students vote whether or not it has been answered



  • Encourages students to answer other students' questions

  • Helps manage questions in a scalable way


  • Earn points for asking good questions

  • Earn points for answering and voting for the best answers 



How it works 

  • Schedule an announcement

  • ClassCred will post it on your behalf

  • Track acknowledgments


Thanks for acknowledging


  • Simplify course communication workflow

  • Track if students are reading your announcements


  • Earn points for acknowledging

  • Award points if 70% of class acknowledges


class store

How it works 

  • Create individual or group items

  • Students use points to purchase items or contribute to group purchases

  • Items are delivered to students



  • Provides incentives beyond grades

  • Group items build class camaraderie


  • Spend those hard earned points

  • Award points and 💰 badge to the top 3 contributors in a group purchase


  • Instructor dashboard provides key participation and engagement metrics

  • Export data for offline analysis

student analytics
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