Use ClassCred for FREE

ClassCred is free to instructors and has all essential features and functionality, even if your institution is not a ClassCred customer. Install it in your Slack workspace or MS Team and boost your engagement.

Additional support plans are available

Key Features

Gamify your platform

  • Add Rewards and Badges

    • Use peer recognition to incentivize students to communicate and help each other 

    • Give points for participating in polls and debates

    • Create badges for standout performances

    • Give points for asking and answering questions

  • Class Store

    • Create a class store where users can spend their points

Engage students with


  • Polls

    • ​Create polls to solicit instant feedback

  • Debates

    • Kick off a debate and let your students compete for the best post

  • Assignments

    • Start an assignment and have it peer-graded by the students

​Easy Team Management


  • Different permissions for admin and members allow instructors to control the class. 

  • Schedule announcements and give points for acknowledging

  • Reuse announcements, polls, debates, and assignments from one semester to the next

Control your data

  • Analytics on participation, engagement, and more.

  • Track student questions

  • Data Export

Service plans are available. Contact us for information on custom support, integration, and security needs.