how it works

To use ClassCred your class needs to use Slack ​or Teams.

Once you have your Workspace or Team, you can add ClassCred. No need to create accounts and passwords, or teach people how to use it. Simply start giving fire. Here is a quick tutorial on how it works.

1. give fire

  • Use      to recognize peers

  • Just mention a name, write a message, and add a     

Give fire in Slack with ClassCred
Give fire in Slack with ClassCred

2.incentives beyond grades

  • Students earn points through participation and peer-recognition

  • Redeem points for study guides, extra credit, or anything else you can dream up

  • Sell individual items or build camaraderie with group purchases

ClassCred Store

3. earn Badges & Level up

  • Earn a badge for stand out performances

  • As you earn more, your achievement level increases

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