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Gamification is the key to making peer-recognition work in education. Classes are short-lived, making it imperative that connections are formed quickly. ClassCred uses several gamification mechanisms including points, badges, and level to help facilitate faster, stronger student connections.

peer recognition = points

  • Every      earned is worth 1 point

  • Points can be redeemed for study guides, extra credit, or anything else you can dream up

  • Sell individual items or build camaraderie with group purchases

ClassCred Store

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earn Badges & Level up

  • Earn a badge for stand out performances

  • As you earn more, your achievement level increases

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ClassCred Homepage

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Lead your community

ClassCred's gamification platform provides instructors with the tools to create an class community that is fun, engaging, and helpful. The instructor is the leader of this community. An involved instructor can expect the following benefits when using ClassCred:


  • An increase in student satisfaction and engagement

  • An increase in student sense of belonging and team spirit

  • An increase in motivation and productivity

  • An increase in trust between faculty and students

  • An increase in student confidence in one’s skills

  • Improved student relationships and collaboration

  • Improved student retention

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