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engagement and Connections

Students can't build connections without conversations. Peer recognition is a highly effective way of engaging students in conversations. 

How it works

ClassCred uses fire emojis to give and track peer-recognition.  

  • In Slack, use      to recognize peers

  • Just mention a name, write a message, and add a     


Fire provides an easy, measurable way to add peer-recognition to a class. Students are motivated when someone else mentions that their work is important. The effect is even stronger when the recognition comes from a wider variety of people

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increase engagement

image (2).png

It works

  • 15x increase in posts

  • Creates a helpful community

  • Higher teacher evaluations

Results are comparing number of student posts in a 100-level undergraduate and a 600-level graduate course with and without ClassCred. The classes with ClassCred ended the term with graduate students posting 14,285 messages (avg. 81 posts per student) and the undergraduate students posting 10,464 messages (avg. 52 posts per student). Students in the ClassCred courses were extremely willing students were to help each other; they created study guides, offered to host Zoom review sessions, and answered other students’ questions.

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prepare students for the modern office

  • The majority of companies today use team collaboration platforms and peer-recognition to motivate employees. 

  • According McKinsey & Company, praise and recognition by a manager are more motivating than a cash bonus 

  • SHRM Globoforce Employee Survey found that companies using peer-to-peer recognition saw 57% increase in engagement, 32% increase in productivity, and 28% increase in employee retention.

No credit card required :)

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