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How to add ClassCred

Once you have a Slack workspace, you are ready to add ClassCred. ClassCred increases student engagement and streamlines educator workflow. Here is how to add it:

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Add ClassCred in 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Go to Apps & search for ClassCred

If you do not see Apps, select Browse Slack and then select Apps.

Step 2: Click Add & follow the instructions

You will be sent to Slack and asked to approve the app. Once approved you will be directed back to Slack.

Step 3: Access ClassCred Messages

Once installed you will be directed to the ClassCred Messages page. This is where ClassCred will send you messages. For example, if you receive a fire from another user, you will get a message on this page.

Step 4: Setup ClassCred

ClassCred will automatically be added to all of your Slack channels. You can remove it from channels by going to Settings in the ClassCred app. You can access the ClassCred app from the ClassCred homepage in Slack.

Step 5: Start using the app

Go in Slack and give a 🔥. For example, type the following to give a 🔥 to Rowan .

@Rowan Wilson congrats :fire:

That’s it, ClassCred should be ready to go and active in all channels. Have fun!

Contact us at if you need any help getting ClassCred approved for your University.


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