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Creating an announcements channel in Slack

Slack channels can get very busy with sometimes thousands of posts. It is nice to have a dedicated channel for class announcements where only instructors can post. This will make it easier for your students to find important course announcements.

How to do it

1. First, rename the general channel

  • Right click on the general channel:

  • Go to Open channel details then select Settings

  • Hover over Channel name and select Edit and you will be able to change the name

  • Note: Slack only allows you to manage posting permissions for the general channel. For this reason, we recommend using the general channel for announcements. Slack will allow you to rename general channel to announcements.

2. Second, change posting permissions

  • Right click on the channel in the sidebar

  • Go to Open channel details then select Settings

  • Hover over Posting Permissions and then select Edit and change to Admin only.

  • This will keep the channel clean so that everyone can easily find important announcements. Hint: When posting to #announcements use @channel to send notifications to every student in the class. You can also schedule announcements with the ClassCred app.

Once you finish the Open channel details page should look like this:

That's it. Now you have a place where only instructors can post!


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