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Creating an announcements channel in MS Teams

Channels can get very busy with sometimes thousands of posts. It is nice to have a dedicated channel for class announcements where only instructors or ClassCred can post. This will make it easier for your students to find important course announcements.

How to do it

1. First, create an announcements channel

  • Right-click on the three dots next to the team name and select Add channel.

  • Name the channel (i.e. Announcements), check the box "Automatically show this channel in everyone's channel list", and click Add.

2. Second, change posting permissions

  • Right-click on three dots next to the channel and select Manage Channel.

  • Change Channel moderation to On. It will auto-save. Keep all checkboxes checked.

⚠️ Warning: If you uncheck "Allow bots to submit channel messages" ClassCred will not be able to post in the channel.

That's it. Now you have a place where only instructors can post!


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