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Getting started with ClassCred for MS Team

Setting up ClassCred is easy. There are only 3 things that you need to do. To get started, go to Settings in the ClassCred app.

1. Set your course start and end date.

ClassCred only counts 🔥in-between the selected start and end dates.

End dates are optional in ClassCred. If you are using ClassCred for a course, it is highly recommended that you set an end date. If you are using ClassCred for a team, with no pre-defined end date, you can leave the end date blank.

The Timezone field determines when the fire will reset for all users. Fire will reset at midnight for the timezone you select.

2. Make sure ClassCred is in your channels

Make sure ClassCred is installed in all of your channels. In order for ClassCred to work, it must be installed as an app in each Teams channel. There are two ways to accomplish this.

Option 1: In Settings, enter each channel or select Join all. Please be patient as it takes Teams a second to add the app to a channel. Under this approach, ClassCred will be in the channel but you will not see the ClassCred tab.

Option 2: Another option is to add the ClassCred tab to the channel. The advantage of this method is you will be able to access the ClassCred tab from every channel. To do this, go to the channel select the + button, and add ClassCred.

3. Grant ClassCred permission to post on your behalf

ClassCred gives you the ability to schedule announcements, polls, debates, and discussions. In order to accomplish this, ClassCred needs permission to post on your behalf. To grant access, click the Grant button and follow the instructions.

That's it. ClassCred is now ready to go. You can now go to a channel and start giving 🔥.


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