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ClassCred store creates incentives beyond grades

ClassCred allows you to create items for your students to purchase with their points. In this article we will discuss the following:

How the store works

ClassCred allows students to earn points for all kinds of activities. The store is the place students spend their points. It's simple:

Step 1: Create store items to incentivize your class. The items can be for individual or group purchase. With group purchases, each student chooses how much to contribute and if enough points are raised the entire class gets the item. Group purchases are particularly effective in building class camaraderie.

Step 2: Students purchase the items directly from the Store tab on the timeline in the ClassCred app. Once an item is purchased, it will be available under the My items tab.

In Slack, students can also access items by clicking the Shop button on the ClassCred homepage.

Adding a Store Item

To add a new item, select Create icon, Product in the ClassCred app.

🦉 Tip: If you need some product ideas click the Import Product dropdown to access pre-built individual and group products.

New Product Form

Provides a description of the product that will be posted to the ClassCred store.

1. Templates: You can import items you have created for other classes. You can also find Product ideas here.

2. Product details: Provides a description of the product that will be posted to the ClassCred store.

  • Individual or Group: Choose whether you want to create an Individual or Group item. Individual products have two additional options:

    • Allow multiple purchases will allow students to purchase the item more than once

    • Limited quantity available allows you to sell products that have a limited quantity (i.e. gift cards)

  • Product Details

    • Provide a name, emoji (optional), and description.

    • Select a Price. Show point stats will help you see how many points your students have to spend.

3. Item: This is what will be delivered to the student (Individual) or class (Group) when an item is purchased.

Viewing purchases

As an instructor, you can access class purchase history on the ClassCred app. You can export all purchase history and add to your LMS.

🦉 Tip: To make transferring grades easier, view Purchases by Student and export from this page.


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