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Our mission is to create a more meaningful classroom experience by making it fun and easy for students to connect with each other and their instructor.  

A better way to communicate

To use ClassCred your class needs to use Slack. ​

Once you have a Slack workspace, you can add ClassCred. No need to create accounts and passwords, or teach people how to use it. Simply start giving fire. 

Slack makes class communication easier and more fun. Advantages include:

  • All communication is centralized

  • Communication is seamless, it is as easy as sending or receiving a text.

  • Scaling is easy

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No credit card required :)

Why ClassCred

ClassCred adds peer recognition and gamification to the Slack platform

image (2).png

It works

  • Get students communicating

  • 15x increase in posts

  • Create a helpful positive community

No credit card required :)

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