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Changelog Newsletter 12/18/2021

ClassCred has been hard at work. In this newsletter, you will find a summary of important changes and new features. Take a look and let us know if you have any questions or comments. We're glad to help!


Changes to existing features


Discussions will no longer take place in channels. Instead, students will respond to the discussion topic in the ClassCred app. Many students reported difficulties and confusion submitting discussions in channels. The new submission process provides a simpler, more streamlined experience for both students and instructors.

Other than the submission process, discussions will operate similar to before. You will still be able to use discussions you created in prior classes. If you would like a more interactive discussion, we recommend using the new debate feature.

❗Gift Taxes

For new workspaces, Gift Taxes are enabled by default. This feature is designed to prevent gaming/spam where students only give 🔥 to their friends. If you do not wish to use this feature, you can disable it on the Rewards page. Read more about gift taxes.


New Features and Updates

🆕 ClassCred App

ClassCred has a new interface. It is the central hub for managing and using ClassCred. It is available to both students and instructors. Course management features are still only accessible by instructors.

What is different

  • The new app is accessible to both instructors and students, whereas the old app was only accessible to instructors.

  • As in the past, managing features including course Settings, Rewards, and the Members page will only be available to instructors. Additionally, only instructors can create Announcements, Polls, Debates, and Discussions. The layout of the new app has changed and all managing tools are located from the manage icon in the top right corner.

🆕 MS Teams

We are excited to announce that we have completed and beta tested the ClassCred MS Teams app. It will be available in the MS Teams store in time for summer courses. If you are interested in using ClassCred for MS Teams earlier, please reach out.

🆕 Polls

You can now post polls in channels.

  • Get instant feedback.

  • Multiple response types include multiple-choice, rating, and open-ended.

  • Responses can be public or anonymous.

  • You control when students see results: live update, hold until close or hide from the class.

  • Schedule when polls post and end.

🆕 Debates

Debates are lightweight discussions where students can compete for the best post.


Read More About New Features


Poll your class and get instant feedback.


Debates are lightweight discussions where students compete for the best post. Read more

Gift Taxes

As a control against gaming, fire points are now taxed when fires are repeatedly given to the same person. Read more


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