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Getting students engaged with peer recognition

People are motivated when someone else mentions that their work is important. The more recognition, the better people feel. When recognition comes from a wider variety of people, the effect is even stronger. One of the most powerful Rewards in ClassCred is peer recognition. This article explains how to use peer recognition in your course.

Tracking student points

Using peer recognition in your course

When you install ClassCred you will immediately be able to use peer recognition in any of your Slack or MS Teams channels. By default, ClassCred uses the fire emoji to give and track peer recognition.

In Slack or MS Teams, just mention a name, write a message, and add a 🔥.

In Slack or MS Teams type something like:

In Slack:

@user :fire:​

In MS Teams:

@user (fire)

In the example above, Issa Lewis awarded 1 point to Rowan Wilson and 1 point to Sofia Gutierez.

By default, every 🔥 is worth 1 point. Students earn 🔥 by being recognized by their peers or instructor. Students can give up to 5 fires a day to their peers. Instructors can give unlimited 🔥. Fire provides an easy, measurable way to add peer recognition to a class. Students can use their points to buy products you create in the ClassCred store.

Tracking Student Points

As an instructor, you can track student points on the Members page. You can also track class points on the Points page. Just go to the ClassCred app, select the Manage Icon, and select Members or Points.

Note: These pages are not available to students.

Customize settings and brand to your school

You can choose any emoji you like. If your school mascot is an eagle, then you may wish to use an 🦅 instead of 🔥. There are 100s of emojis to choose from. Peer recognition settings can be configured in the ClassCred app.

How to Customize Peer Recognition

1. Go to the ClassCred app, select the manage icon, and then select Rewards.

2. Search for "fire" and select "Allow a student to recognize a peer with 🔥 and award 1 point".

3. Select Edit and customize your settings.


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