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Get students involved in asking and answering questions

The Questions feature incentivizes students to post and answer questions. It also helps with channel organization by providing an easy way for instructors to manage questions. This article will discuss:

How it works

Someone tags their post with #question to indicate that it is a question. There are two ways to tag:

1. Tagging your own question

Any user can designate a post as a question by adding #question anywhere in the post.

2. Tagging someone else's question

Another way to tag is to reply to another user's question and add #question in the reply. In the example below, Sofia Gutierrez tagged Rowan Wilson's question.

🦉Tip: Tagging your students' questions is a great way to show the class how to use the feature.

What happens once a question is tagged?

Once a question is tagged, ClassCred will add a Yes/No poll to the bottom of the reply where students can indicate whether or not the question has been answered.

As a quick reference, ClassCred also adds 💡 emoji to the question if the last student that answered the poll answered "Yes". If the last student answered "No" then a 🤔 emoji will be displayed.

The feature helps students and instructors clearly see questions in a channel. Tagged questions are also visible to all users on the Questions tab in the ClassCred app.

Question Notifications

To ensure all questions get answered, ClassCred will sends three notifications.

  • As soon as a question is tagged with #question, everyone will receive a notification that there is a new question

  • After 12 hours if a question is still unanswered 🤔, all student users will receive a notification the question has yet to be answered

  • After 24 hours if a question is still unanswered 🤔, all admin will receive a notification the question has yet to be answered

The notification system gives students 24 hours to answer other students' questions. After 24 hours, it is recommended that the instructor jump in to ensure the question gets answered. If a question is answered 💡, no notification is sent.

Incentivizing students to participate

You can enable the Question reward to encourage students to participate in posting and answering questions. When the question reward is enabled:

  • Students that post a question receive 0.5 points for each 👍 in the question thread

  • Students that answer a question receive 1 point for each 👍 their answer receives.

  • Students earn 1 point for voting (i.e. 👍). Only earned on the first vote

Like all other Rewards, you can modify the points students receive.

Questions Reward

Monitoring questions in ClassCred

Instructors can see all questions in the ClassCred App by going to the Questions page.

From there, it's easy to see which questions have been answered and which ones have not. You can also link directly to the question in the channel.


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