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How Rewards work in ClassCred

ClassCred increases engagement and connection by allowing students to earn rewards for actions in Slack or MS Teams. Rewards can be points or badges. Points earned can be used to make purchases in the ClassCred store.

How to Configure Rewards

1. Rewards can be configured in the ClassCred app by selecting the Manage Icon, and then Rewards.

2. Many rewards are enabled by default. Enabled Rewards are shown in green.

You can disable or customize a Reward by clicking on it and selecting Disable or Edit.

3. Click Explore to search for other Rewards that you can add to your class.

4. ClassCred Rewards are very flexible. You can Create a Reward to gamify almost anything in Slack or MS Teams. If you have a gamification idea and need help setting it up, reach out to We are here to help!


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