How Rewards work in ClassCred

ClassCred increases engagement and connection by allowing students to earn rewards for participating. Rewards can be points or badges. Points earned can be used to make purchases in the ClassCred store. Rewards can be configured on the ClassCred app by selecting Rewards.

Here is a brief description of the Rewards available.


The primary way to earn points in ClassCred. Every 🔥 is worth 1 point. Students earn 🔥 by being recognized by their peers or instructor. How it works:

Recognize a single user In a post, simply tag the user and give the fire emoji:

In Slack:

@user :fire:

In MS Teams:

@user (fire)

You can also add feedback to your fire:

In Slack:

@user thanks for your help :fire:

In MS Teams:

@user thanks for your help (fire)

Recognize multiple users In a post, simply tag multiple users and give the fire emoji:

In Slack:

@user1 @user2 :fire:

In MS Teams:

@user1 @user2 (fire)

Giving multiple fires To give both user1 and user2 two 🔥s:

In Slack:

 @user1 @user2 Thanks for your help :fire: :fire:

In MS Teams:

 @user1 @user2 Thanks for your help (fire) (fire)

Fire Settings Fire is always enabled. To change settings navigate to the Rewards page and click Fire.

Daily limit To help ensure that students are giving 🔥 for good reason a daily limit is recommended. The limit determines the maximum number of fires a student can give in a day. The limit resets at midnight based on the user's timezone. The default is 5 but you may want to increase or decrease depending on course enrollment. If you, the instructor, do not want to be limited by the daily limit leave Limit instructors unchecked. If you only want the instructor to have the ability to give 🔥 points, set the quota to 0 and leave Limit instructors unchecked.

Gift Taxes

As a control against 🔥 gaming or spamming, points are taxed when 🔥 is repeatedly given to the same person within a week. Read more about Gift Taxes.


When firsts are enabled, students receive a point for their first actions in a workspace. Firsts can only be earned 1 time. You can give points for the following actions: First post, First reply, First fire, First hashtag, First question, First reaction. The default point value is 1 but you can change this by clicking on any of the firsts on the Rewards page.

This feature is currently only available in Slack.


The following badges can be awarded:

🔥 On Fire - Awarded to the student that received the most fire in the last week

⚡️ Igniter - Awarded to the student that gave the most fire in the last week

In the case of ties, multiple students can earn a given badge. You can edit the badge name and message by clicking the badge on the Rewards page. Students are recognized but receive no additional points for earned badges.


Discussion Points can be awarded to students that participate in discussions. Students can earn points for submitting a discussion post and for reviewing other students' posts. Points will only be available if a Discussion has been assigned. Read more about Discussions.

Announcement Points can be awarded to students that Acknowledge announcements. Points will only be available for announcements where "Track Acknowledgments" is checked. Read more about Announcements.