How to schedule announcements with ClassCred

ClassCred makes course management easy by allowing you to schedule class announcements. You can create all of your announcements before your course starts and then ClassCred will post them for you throughout the course. You can also use the same announcement in multiple classes or use an announcement from a prior term.

How it works

1. Grant Access (Slack only)

If using Slack, make sure you have granted ClassCred posting permission so that it can post announcements on your behalf.

2. Navigate to Announcements

In the ClassCred app, select Create Announcement.

3. Create your announcement

You can import an announcement from another class or prior term or create a new one. Enter your announcement information, hit Save, and ClassCred will post the announcement to the channel you selected on the scheduled date.

🦉 Tip: When you select Track acknowledgments an acknowledge button will be added to the announcement. This allows you to track how many students read the announcement. By default, students earn .25 🔥points for acknowledging announcements. You can edit or remove the reward on the Rewards page.

4. Posting your Announcement

Your announcement will post to the channel and the Timeline in the ClassCred app. In the channel, it will look like this.

In MS Teams, users can only Acknowledge announcements from the ClassCred App Timeline.

5. Additional announcement tips

  • ClassCred adds @channel to every announcement posted. This will notify all members of the channel when the announcement posts.

  • Yes, you can attach multiple files if needed. Files cannot be larger than 10 MB.