How ClassCred works

ClassCred is a gamification app that boosts student engagement. It allows the instructor to award points or badges for almost any action in Slack or MS Teams.

ClassCred Rewards

Rewards describe how students can earn points or badges in Slack or MS Teams. When you first install ClassCred, many rewards will be enabled by default.

To view Rewards, go to the ClassCred app, select the Manage Icon, and select Rewards.

The Rewards page shows you all of the Rewards that are enabled for your class. You can customize Rewards or create your own. Students will earn points, badges, or both for an enabled Reward. Check out the Rewards page to learn more.

ClassCred Store

Once students start earning points, create products to sell in your class store.

💡 Ideas: bonus points, drop lowest assignment grade, Amazon gift cards

You can also create group items where every student contributes want they can. If the class raises enough points everyone gets the items

💡Ideas: Study guide, Practice Exam, Extra time on an Exam, Pizza party

The store is very flexible and can accommodate almost any product you can dream up. Check out the Store page to learn more.