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Understanding Instructor and Student Permissions

ClassCred allows instructors to have different permissions from students. This article will discuss roles in ClassCred and how to change a user's role.

There are 3 user roles in ClassCred

1. Admin

If you install ClassCred, you are assigned the role of Admin. As an admin you can do the following:

As an admin, you are not counted in leaderboards or able to win badges.

2. Student

Every new member that is added to the Team will be assigned the role of Student. Students cannot access ClassCred settings, create items (i.e. announcements, polls, debates, assignments, or products) access other students' data.

If the 🔥 Reward is enabled, Students can be limited on the number of 🔥 they can give per day (i.e. default is 5 🔥 per day).

3. Instructor

The Instructor is a special role that must be assigned by an Admin. Instructors have the same access as a student but can give unlimited 🔥. They are not counted on leaderboards or able to win badges. The instructor role often works well for a teaching assistant.

Changing a user's role

You can change a user's role in the ClassCred app. To change a role, select the Manage Icon and then select Members.

From the Member's page, select the member whose role you want to change.

Then from the member's page, you can change the role by selecting Edit.


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